Why Remote Security Is the Best Crime Prevention Solution

Crime prevention is at the forefront of every client’s mind when seeking a security solution for their premises. Thanks to the internet and smart technology, there are better security solutions than more traditional means of protecting property like security guards and CCTV cameras. Traditional security solutions are labeled as reactive security solutions and are not the best solutions for preventing crime. Why? Because the action comes after the crime has already been committed.

The real solutions that clients are looking for are proactive security solutions, which include continuous monitoring and virtual guarding services. These solutions are the best options for crime prevention and offer the best benefits to clients looking for comprehensive security solutions.

What is Reactive Security?

Reactive security is any solution that takes action in response to a crime rather than preventing a crime. Reactive security is typically any traditional form of security like onsite guards and CCTV cameras.

There are some benefits to reactive security solutions. Onsite guards and CCTV cameras deter some criminals because they do not want to be caught in the act of committing a crime. Seeing a guard patrolling and the cameras on the building do work as a deterrence. Additionally, CCTV cameras can help capture criminals, which can be used to identify them for prosecution.

Although there are some benefits to reactive security measures, they are not efficient in preventing crime. Once a crime has been initiated, there is very little that a guard and security camera can do to prevent the crime from occurring.

A security guard can alert the authorities, but they are likely to investigate the issue before they do that. This delays the response from law enforcement, but it could also mean an injury to the guard, or the perpetrator, for which the client is then liable.

A delayed response from local authorities could mean that damage to property and inventory occurs and the perpetrator manages to escape. Systems that prioritize law enforcement involvement are the best security solutions for crime prevention.

What Is Proactive Security?

A proactive security system actively preempts a crime from being committed. The best example of this security system is a continuous monitoring system that lets criminals know they are actively being watched.

A continuous surveillance system uses technology, the internet, and trained virtual guards to offer a comprehensive security solution. The surveillance system set up on site is connected to a live feed to offer a real-time security solution to customers.

The surveillance feeds are monitored by a remote location thanks to an internet connection. The system is integrated with an advanced AI program that can detect the smallest movements on the premises and detect whether they are suspicious or not.

A manager supervises trained watch officers with law enforcement experience who can ensure that the officers are constantly alert while on duty. Clients never have to worry about a guard going to the restroom or being on the wrong side of the property when there is a problem onsite.

Remote security offers a cost-effective means of accessing a comprehensive service. Installing proactive cameras with features like alarm deterrence, audio interactivity, and visual deterrents like flood lights are very cost-effective means of crime prevention. This is because crime is costly, and when a crime is being deterred successfully, the investment in the right equipment and remote security company pays off.

Reduced crime means lower insurance premiums, no damages to property or goods to replace, and no liability costs to pay to injured parties.

The Best Security Solution for Crime Prevention

Remote security is possibly the most comprehensive solution to security. The comprehensive service covers several benefits that make the option more and more appealing to businesses.

One of the most important elements of remote security is the cooperation between security service providers and law enforcement. Remote security providers deliver several benefits that make this cooperation possible, sustainable, and effective.

1. Reduced Risk of False Alarms

Although AI systems are incredibly advanced in detecting potential criminals on a client’s premises, they are not foolproof. There are often false alarms. If it was simply the computer’s responsibility to send an alert to the authorities, there would be way too many false alarms.

False alarms are the number one factor in the degradation of cooperation between security service providers and law enforcement.

However, this is not the case with a remote security solution. The watch officer can filter the alarms raised by the smart surveillance systems and alert the authorities only when there is a real issue on the property.

2. Efficient Response Times

There are several reasons why remote security systems have faster response times from local law enforcement. The fact that there are few false alarms means that law enforcement knows when the alarm is raised there is a real issue on the property and will respond quickly and efficiently. This is one of the best means of crime prevention.

3. Close Cooperation with local law enforcement

Remote Security companies may not be located on their client’s premises but they do spend time fostering relationships and cooperation with local law enforcement. This ensures cooperation with the local authorities and speedy response times.

This also helps the authorities and security service providers work together to address any crime that may have occurred by using the cameras and recordings to find the culprits.

4. Experienced Professionals

The remote security systems are monitored by trained individuals who can effectively and efficiently address any problems on the premises. These watch officers are monitored by managers who have backgrounds in law enforcement and know how to handle any criminal issue that may come about. This makes the process smooth and efficient in preventing crime.

Remote security offers one of the most effective services to clients seeking security solutions. Swissguard’s services offer all these features and more, providing a comprehensive solution to the needs of their clients, with professionalism and excellent results in crime prevention for a fraction of the cost of more traditional means of security.

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