Why Businesses Should Start Using Remote Security

Remote security is the crime prevention that every business should be seriously considering as crime rates increase and criminals become more aggressive. Remote monitoring protects households, customers, employees, and businesses as a whole, while also helping to prevent crime in many instances. Advanced security, like smart surveillance systems, is where technology and human expertise meet. A team of remote guards monitors business premises from a state-of-the-art surveillance facility, using the internet and camera systems to offer live and real-time guarding services from a virtual setting.

Remote security from Swissguard increases the efficiency of security systems decreases costs and prevents crime from happening. Let’s find out more about how businesses can benefit from a new approach to security.

How can Remote Security Help Businesses?

There are several major benefits to remote security for businesses that can completely revolutionize how a business is operated. By using a proactive stance on security, businesses reap major benefits.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention is the first of many benefits that remote security offers as a security system to businesses. With highly trained guards who can detect suspicious activity in conjunction with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, Swissguard’s continuous monitoring service allows to detect suspicious as well as unwanted activities and notify first responders rapidly. This system allows a quicker response time, saving lives and limiting property damage.

Reaction time

The reaction time with remote systems is faster and more efficient than other onsite solutions. Trained security personnel limit the number of false alarms so that when there is a true emergency, local law enforcement can be on the scene within minutes. Swissguard has a close relationship with local law enforcement and is able to contact first responders as soon as an issue is identified on the business’ premises.

Highly Trained Guards

Highly trained security staff are supervised by managers who ensure that they are fresh and alert while monitoring the remote locations. These managers have a minimum of 5 years of experience in law enforcement, so they fully understand how to deal with a criminal situation on-premises.

Cost reduction

Security costs can run into the millions for companies who employ onsite guards. Swissguard’s security solutions can offer at least a 40% reduction in security costs for companies.

HR Issues are Resolved

Trying to manage security guards can be an extra hassle for HR to handle. Finding security guards who are highly trained and act professionally can be a difficult process. Using a live remote monitoring service eliminates this added stress of managing a business.

Insurance Costs

Onsite security guards are a liability for businesses; there are countless things that could go wrong. Insurance companies will charge high premiums to businesses with in-person guards. The company can be held liable for any damages a guard inflicts on an intruder, and the guard can also hold the company liable for any injuries they may sustain on the job. A remote system negates these costs too.

Increased Effectiveness

Live remote monitoring often provides a better service than in-person security guards. Guards cannot survey every aspect of the property in a single survey. For example, a property manager struggled with graffiti problems even with the presence of onsite guards. After switching to Swissguard no blind sports remained and the vandals were apprehended with a swift response from the real-time surveillance of the property.

Businesses that Benefit from Remote Security

Let’s take a close look at what businesses will benefit the most from remote monitoring. While we know that virtual security can work for almost any business, there are tried and true applications that can show the effectiveness of a continuous live solution.


When there is no product, there is no business. Warehouses are a relatively easy target for thieves, with over 60% of onsite guards involved in thefts. Theft involves missing products and paperwork and insurance premiums that are through the roof. Security guards may be a deterrent, but remote solutions yield better results for business security.


Infrastructure is at huge risk from criminals, vandals, and terrorists. There are complex layers to the security that protects infrastructure. Swissguards’ remote services offer that added layer of protection and security that can negate any negligence or theft caused by errors.

Construction Sites

In 2020, construction site thefts exceeded 3 billion USD. Materials from construction sites are increasingly easy to sell at high demand prices, which criminals take full advantage of. Swissguard can decrease the rate of thefts which limits liability and insurance costs. The additional layer of security decreases HR costs and other liabilities, like an injury.

Additional businesses that benefit from remote security are schools, property managers, high-end residential properties, etc.

How can Remote Security Reduce Crime?

In addition to comprehensive coverage of the business, several key features make remote security favourable and drastically reduce crime rates.

1. Swissguard’s continuous live monitoring solutions mean that there are guards constantly watching the business premises. There is full and comprehensive coverage. The security staff is rotated every 45 minutes regularly to ensure that clients are getting the best service possible.

2. Swissguard’s dedicated advisory board constantly works with law enforcement to provide better and quicker responses to alerts. This is an important add-on to crime prevention with remote monitoring.

3. State-of-the-art technology is used to provide a cutting-edge service in offsite security. The artificial intelligence that is used to help detect any issues can alert guards quickly.

4. Recording equipment catches thieves in the act and AI immediately alerts the guards on duty about weapons or wanted criminals. This makes it simpler and more effective for first responders to deal with any crime that may arise. The response is streamlined and able to effectively and efficiently squash all security problems that arise.

5. Security guards are proven to decrease crime. But criminals are increasingly tech-savvy and can recognize when a property is under surveillance due to the many cameras. Security cameras are proven to decrease crime rates as criminals are less likely to target businesses that don’t look like easy targets.

Swissguard’s solutions for Businesses

There is no time like the present to start securing your business. Swissguard is the security solution that can protect your business, help you save on costs, and bring you peace of mind for your employees, customers, and yourself.

Our 24/7, state-of-the-art continuous live surveillance of your property is a game-changing solution to your security needs as a business. Our preventative offsite security is the answer to your security concerns.

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