What is the most Affordable Security Solution?

Local authorities, businesses, and homeowners are looking for more affordable security options, and virtual security is quickly becoming that solution. Relying on physical security guards and passive systems is unreliable and increasingly high-priced.

Although in-person and passive security with unmanned CCTV has become the norm in security, the industry is quickly evolving. How? Integrating human interventions with smart technologies and offering a fully remote, comprehensive, and affordable solution with virtual security.


What is Virtual Security?

Virtual security is the continuous monitoring of an entire security system carried out by a third party, like Swissguard. The remote monitoring agents monitor a client’s premises 24/7 from their International Watch Center.

The monitoring team comprises virtual security guards, or watch officers, who are selected carefully and comprehensively trained by management who were previously employed in law enforcement or the military.

The remote agents monitor the security feeds of a business with the aid of an advanced artificial intelligence program and smart cameras. Most security companies advertising virtual security use these smart cameras and alarm systems to detect movement on the client’s premises. Although technology is very advanced, it is not infallible. Humans are much more capable of detecting suspicious activity on the property, which is why Swissguard relies on watch officers and not alarms. After detecting suspicious activity, the remote agent will establish whether it is a viable threat or not.

Suppose the activity on the property is nefarious. In that case, the remote agent triggers a protocol that alerts the local authorities and remote deterrents like sirens, flood lights, and booming speak phones.

Remote security has repeatedly been shown to have a quicker and more reliable response rate from local authorities because of their maintained good relationship.

Clients can have complete peace of mind that their premises are monitored constantly by professionals and will have the quickest response times to an emergency. The service can offer reliability, efficiency, and a simple solution to security issues.

But there is one more main advantage to remote security that stands out in the current economic climate: affordability. This is something that manned security services cannot provide.

Why is Virtual Security More affordable?

The biggest hindrance to in-person security is the sky-high costs of the services. In-person security guards are far less reliable than remote security services. Still, the cost of the service is on the rise. With inflation going up, every business is looking at the costs above every other factor when choosing a security service option.

1. Liability

Liability is a major concern that any client must be aware of when hiring an in-person security guard. If the security guard is harmed in the act of guarding premises, the business is liable for any damages.

Additionally, suppose the perpetrator is harmed during the process of a robbery or vandalism. In that case, the client can be liable and must pay damages.

2. Insurance costs

Because of the high risk that is associated with an in-person security guard, insurance premiums for clients are incredibly high. If there is an incident on the premises where someone is injured, the property is stolen or damaged; insurance premiums will rise to cover the damages.

These astronomical premiums can take valuable money away from investing in the growth of a business.

3. Manned Security Costs

The costs of security itself are very high. Manned security guards are trained personnel that require payment. Remote security is a much more affordable security option for any client, often cutting costs by 60%, which can amount to millions in savings.

4. Lower HR costs

The cost of hiring, training, equipping and managing the onsite security guards is another element of security that many clients do not think about. When a staff member manages the security staff, they are not fulfilling their primary role in the company.

Or they are redundant when using remote security solutions. Either way, there is no need to be expending extra company cash on management when that can be integrated into a comprehensive service.

4. Security Industry Market Dip

The current downturn in the market has had a hard effect on in-person security businesses. The wages of an in-person security guard are considered low-paid labor. Thanks to COVID and Brexit, security is not a favorable job that many people choose. Adding to the increased violence in crime, people do not want to become security guards.

The decreased availability in the workforce has led to companies hiring from one another, causing a cost spiral that drastically increases the price of security services.

Clients can no longer afford manned security services and cannot pay when they do employ them. The late payment from customers is increasing the receivables of the security business, steadily putting them out of business.


Swissguard’s Remote Security

The manned security industry is becoming increasingly expensive, and clients are forcing new alternatives for affordable security. Remote security can offer the most cost-effective security solution. It can offer a better and more comprehensive solution. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of using Swissguard’s affordable security solution.

1. Security Costs

Remote security is a fraction of the cost of manned guarding services and is a more reliable solution.

2. Experienced and Highly trained staff

Watch officers on duty are highly and continuously trained individuals whom an experienced staff member manages. All management positions are filled by staff who have experience in law enforcement.

3. Speedy and Efficient Response Times

The response times from law enforcement are highly efficient because Swissguard fosters productive relationships with the local law enforcement.

4. Decrease in False Alarms

False alarms are a major hindrance to an effective response from law enforcement. With the remote security guards watching over the premises constantly, there is a lower rate of false alarms. This, in turn, increases the response rate from local authorities to ensure a speedy response to any instances.

5. Proactive Security

Manned security and CCTV cameras are what are labeled “reactive” in the security industry. Remote security is proactive and can respond to criminal activity before an incident occurs, unlike other forms of more pricy security solutions.

Using a virtual guarding service comes with a whole host of benefits. It is an increasingly affordable security option for clients to take. The constant technology innovation, combined with experienced and professional remote security solutions, gives a reliable and more affordable security solution.

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