What Is Door Protection and Why You Need it?

If you live on a street with row houses, then door protection is likely something you will be interested in. Why? Your home is your family’s safe place to be together and find refuge, where you sleep at night, where you keep your valuables, and where a lot of your wealth is invested.

Many of such homes have high value and thus making them an obvious target for criminals. Living in a home with a high market value puts you at higher risk for break-ins, as criminals know that the valuables in the home are likely worth a lot of money.

So how do you keep your family safe from criminals? Door protection offers a unique protection service where your home’s front and back entrance is monitored live and real time 24/7. Your home is safe under the watchful eye of remote guardians who provide a professional security service that covers all angles so that you don’t have to.

Reasons for Door Protection

Everyone desires to fortify their home and keep it as safe as possible. There are a number of reasons to do that, including keeping yourself, your family, and your possessions safe. However, there are more specific reasons why door protection is the best solution offering you peace of mind.

Secure the Building

There are plenty of reasons to use only the best of the best security options when it comes to protecting your home, especially when all the houses in a row house street have a high market value.

It’s a major investment that needs to be protected without the possibility of something going wrong that could cause permanent damage to your income. For some people, their home is their biggest investment.

In contrast, others may be concerned with protecting the investments that lay inside their home. Remote security adds an important layer of security in protecting your home.

Prevent Easy Access

Preventing easy break-in access is pivotal when securing your home. Door protection can do this. Row houses are easy to access from the street simply because they are so close to where people are constantly frequenting and walking past.

You can hop online and order a Ring camera or another monitoring system off Amazon and have it delivered tomorrow. Although this may be a speedy solution, you’ll never have complete peace of mind with a personal monitoring system. These systems require constant monitoring to be proactive and truly effective, which these devices are lacking. However, this lack of true monitoring can be remedied with the addition of remote guard services. When someone is constantly monitoring the entrances to your home, there is no easy access for criminals to enter and your security solution is complete.

Decrease False Alarms

Houses that are close to the street with cameras create a huge number of false alarms. People are walking past, there is a lot of activity on the road, and it can be difficult to discern when someone is an intruder and when someone is simply walking past the house in an unusual way.

No matter how far artificial intelligence surveillance systems can go for personal use, they cannot compare to the intelligence and decision-making capabilities of a real person. A professional service can offer a better round-the-clock monitoring service than any personal surveillance system.

Without a large number of false alarms, response times from the authorities are much more efficient, faster, and more effective in preventing crimes.

Real-Time Monitoring

Even if there are street cameras close to the property, there is a high likelihood that they are not installed and are simply for show. While that can be somewhat effective for discouraging criminals, it’s not a foolproof solution. And even if they are installed and operational, no one is monitoring these street cameras. This means that the crime will not be prevented and the possibility of the footage being sufficient in the identification and prosecution of the criminals will be low.

A recording can be beneficial when it comes to prosecuting a crime. However, it’s not always a guarantee of the identification and capture of criminals. Additionally, it is incapable of preventing a crime from taking place. Effective security requires active monitoring in real-time and that is something remote guarding can offer.

No Longer an Easy Target

Anyone who lives in a high value property is assumed to be a high-net-worth individual. Individuals who arrive home in nice cars with expensive clothing, phones, and gadgets will be assumed to have assets that are worth stealing.

This also makes them an easy target for kidnapping. With no security to protect them when they arrive and are at home, they are easy targets for crimes.

Prevent Loitering

Wealthy areas are always concerned with homelessness, vagrants, and littering. This detracts from the appearance of a high-class neighborhood. Audio Voice Down service attached to Swissguard’s guarding service is a perfect solution to prevent this from taking place while protecting the integrity of the neighborhood’s safety.

David and Victoria Beckham are excellent examples of why door protection is so important. The couple was robbed in their London home this Spring. Intruders entered their home in Holland Park while they were at home with their ten-year-old daughter.

Sitting in the living room on the ground floor, the Beckhams were unaware that intruders were climbing up the drain to the second floor of the house and robbing the bedrooms.

As celebrities, they were concerned for their security, and they had already installed security measures, but they were ineffective in preventing this crime. The home cameras did not set off any alarms because the alarm system was off while they were at home. If the couple had a security solution that monitored their home’s entrance, the break-in would not have had an opportunity to progress.

How Door Protection from Swissguard Can Help Protect Home

Swissguard is a remote monitoring company based in Hungary and offers the best, Swiss-quality remote protection services worldwide. While the in-person security industry flounders amidst a shortage of workers and high operation costs, Swissguard is offering a comprehensive security service for high-net-worth clients.

Through the combined power of military-grade artificial intelligence, remote monitoring agents, the internet, and high-quality security cameras, Swissguard can offer remote monitoring services for around-the-clock surveillance to clients around the world.

The Beckhams would have benefited from a service like remote security. With a remote agent who is highly trained to identify and efficiently react to criminal activity, an incident could have been avoided where someone was able to go undetected by climbing a water drain.

The remote agent on door protection would notice the suspicious activity and could trigger the alarm to the authorities to immediately enter the scene. The door protection monitoring is live, and a remote monitoring agent would have identified the issue immediately.

Homes are most vulnerable when the house is occupied, and the alarm is off. This is something that Swissguard can rectify at a negligible cost compared to the safety, protection, and well-being of your loved ones in your home. Door protection could very well be the most effective in preventing crime.