The Key Features of a Virtual Security System

Virtual security is changing security solution options available to companies, individuals, and industries for the better. This new breakaway from traditional in-person security provides better coverage, better crime prevention, safer handling, and more protection with advanced surveillance technology and skilled security staff.

More and more people are moving towards virtual security solutions, so let’s find out more about how it can help you and your business.


What is Virtual Security?

Virtual security refers to any online-based solutions designed to provide offsite security. This type of protection differs from other forms of security, which are traditionally hardware-based, and in-person security options. It integrates the top-of-the-line surveillance systems with virtual guards who monitor locations from a remote watch centre.

These security solutions cut the costs of in-person security guards and limit the risks of traditional surveillance systems. It leverages the best of these two different security measures with trained security staff.

Remote security solutions can leverage the intelligence and flexibility of trained security staff in a virtual environment without paying the massive costs of full-time onsite guards. There is not only an enormous cost reduction with these virtual systems but also increased coverage and protection.

The security staff can monitor any properties from a remote watch centre with the help of security camera feeds. The key features of a remote solution provide a whole host of advantages when it comes to employing security solutions.

Key Features of Virtual Security Systems

Security surveillance systems work well, and CCTV has increased the ability to detect crime. But there are a few problems with traditional security surveillance systems. One of them is that thieves and vandals are getting wiser about how these systems work and are creating ways to work around these automated security measures. So what are the key features that make virtual security so effective?

Highly Trained Guards

Security staff watch the environment from a remote location. These security guards are trained to handle threats using advanced technology and the best surveillance systems.

Security staff may not be physically onsite, but they can remotely scan the premises for threats, deterring crime about 87% of the time. When it is not possible to deter crime, they can successfully notify law enforcement in real time. In-person security guards are specifically trained for their working environment, and so are virtual guards.

Cut back On Costs

In-person security guards are a crime deterrent. Criminals will see a security guard and possibly think twice about committing a crime. But they are also costly and cannot provide complete coverage of the premises 100% of the time.

Remote security staff is a much more cost-effective option that provides better coverage of locations. The offsite security staff also negates the risk of guards falling asleep or slacking on the job.

Security is an enormous business expense, yet every customer should know that with the right solution, their security bill is well worth the investment they are making in their protection. Virtual security offers that assurance.

Comprehensive Coverage

One of the significant downfalls of traditional security is blindspots and vulnerable areas. Live guards and other types of security could miss these spots, leaving premises vulnerable.

With remote security, there is in-house management so that when a virtual guard exits their post, there is another guard to immediately take their place and provide full coverage.

With remote security solutions, security staff provide comprehensive coverage and have access to surveillance feeds and sophisticated security features to identify any threats that may pass through the location at any point of the day.

They can detect and put a stop to threats quickly and efficiently.

Client Peace of Mind

A virtual guard can be the best option to utilize live monitoring without taking the time to train and manage an onsite security guard. While there is a specific selection process for offsite security staff, it is much more challenging to find the right person for onsite guard personnel and then extensively train them.

Combined with the coverage of virtual staff and the ability for these staff members to work in an office area where there are other guards to keep everyone accountable, the client can have a consistent peace of mind that their property is safe and secure.

Reduce Liability

Remote security staffers are protected in an offsite location where they can send the right help to the site whenever there is a problem. The guard remains at a safe location, where no injury can befall them.

Contrarily, when a guard is injured on the client’s premises, there is a very high possibility that the client will be held liable for the injuries. A personal injury lawyer can easily make employers accountable for injury to a security guard, despite taking the best preventative and safety measures possible. Using remote security solutions is one of the best ways to eliminate this risk for clients.

Combined Security Services


Virtual security systems are perfect for combining other preventative features to enhance property security. Thermal cameras can help in tracking criminals who attempt to hide from and evade police. Identifying getaway vehicles is another added benefit of active surveillance.

Other systems that can enhance the protection and surveillance of an area are motion detection and lighting systems that improve coverage at night. Mobile surveillance towers can ensure maximum coverage for places like construction sites that require a wide-ranging security solution. There are countless additional solutions that remote security can use to provide a comprehensive security experience.

Virtual security offers comprehensive coverage at a fraction of the cost, ensuring that there are constant eyes on the property. It leverages the best in security technology with human presence to secure and protect any areas without the risks and disadvantages of standard security features like in-person guarding or traditional surveillance systems.

We are fully equipped to offer you the best protection from our remote facilities at Swissguard. Our highly trained staff can intervene and monitor any situation that may impact your safety and well-being. Our remote guards offer the best real-time monitoring to ensure safety and security.

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