The Benefits of Proactive Surveillance Services

Surveillance services don’t begin and end with security cameras placed around premises. This is only the first step in providing a comprehensive security service to clients.

Surveillance is a major part of delivering an effective security solution, and there are different types of surveillance services that ensure clients are protected. For an effective security solution, clients need a system with integrated surveillance to provide comprehensive coverage to their premises.

What is surveillance?

There are many different types of surveillance activities and services. Security firms and private investigators may make use of in-person surveillance. Security cameras can be used to surveil a site. Recordings may help with insurance claims, prosecution, and aiding law enforcement in catching criminals. Having an effective camera system to implement a surveillance service is important.

There are so many ways for people to use surveillance in their everyday lives. Technology has advanced recently, with state-of-the-art cameras integrated with the internet. People can go to Amazon and order a Ring system or Google Nest Cam, which can be delivered the very next day. They can install the system and have it operational by the end of the day, receiving live feeds of their home straight to their smartphone.

Smart cameras offer a wide range of abilities. They can tilt, pan, or zoom in. The camera has wireless connectivity for remote monitoring, night vision, motion detection, and real-time alerts to possible issues.

These systems are great for telling if your dog misbehaves while at work or if the delivery man has arrived with another parcel. Most security companies will offer a similar service.

The problem is that these systems can catch criminals only in the act or after the crime is already committed, but they are unlikely to prevent a crime from occurring.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of surveillance services available on the market.

Passive Surveillance

There are several ways for passive surveillance to be used on-premises. A security guard could watch the camera feed when they are not patrolling. A security company could receive alerts if the camera has detected something abnormal on the property and contact their client to check if something is wrong. Or someone could receive a notification on their phone that there is an issue.

These surveillance services can range from extremely reasonable to high pricing structures.

While there are benefits to passive surveillance, the service has gaping holes that criminals will take advantage of. Gaps in surveillance mean that the premises are vulnerable to criminal activity, making security services ineffective. Alarm alerts are too simple and the big amount of false alarms makes it not an effective security solution.

Clients will never have true peace of mind that their premises are entirely safe. There will always be the possibility of a breach in security with passive surveillance.

Crime is becoming more prevalent, especially in the face of an economic downturn. Clients need better solutions to surveillance options, which is where proactive surveillance comes in.

Proactive Surveillance

Proactive surveillance is a security solution that combines people, processes, and technology to provide the highest quality surveillance solution.

Proactive surveillance is a part of a continuous live monitoring solution, where highly trained individuals watch a live stream feed from the security cameras without any interruptions, 24/7.

The watch officers can alert response teams in the area with efficient processes, human security guards, and law enforcement in the face of a criminal event. This means that there are always eyes on the client’s premises.

Supervisors manage the remote guards with backgrounds in the security industry, law enforcement, and the military who have created the processes to deal with an incident swiftly and effectively.

These processes use military-grade artificial intelligence to help detect suspicious activity on the property. These suspicious activities are assessed by the watch officers on duty, who can then determine whether or not action must be taken. When someone constantly watches the premises from an eagle-eye perspective, there is maximum coverage on the property with hardly any false alarms, and alerts can be made to the local authorities before a situation arises.

Continuous monitoring companies work with professionally developed processes to deal with criminal situations and take the time to develop partnerships with local law enforcement. This means that the response times to criminal action are swift and effective.

Passive surveillance cannot offer this type of effective response time.

Proactive surveillance comes at a major price cut from in-person surveillance services and can offer customers the best peace of mind to customers.

Benefits of Proactive Surveillance Services

People or businesses looking for security services will benefit from proactive surveillance services. The response time from remote security services means they can offer the best rate of crime prevention available on the security market.

Let’s take a look at how premises benefit from proactive surveillance with examples.

The main goal of remote security services is to prevent a crime or damage from happening to a property. After COVID, the supply chain shortage meant that regular building materials like copper pipes rose in value.

Criminals realized this, and building sites became incredibly susceptible to crime. Onsite security guards are not able to offer comprehensive coverage of a site. And if a security guard or anyone else is injured during an incident, the client is often held liable.

Insurance premiums, damages, the replacement of stolen goods, and prosecution costs are just a few of the expenses that arise when a crime takes place. Proactive surveillance is designed to prevent these instances from happening.

Companies that are susceptible to vandalism, like storage facilities, will benefit from proactive surveillance. Onsite security guards cannot patrol every area of the premises, and criminals are especially adept at remaining anonymous.

A continuous monitoring service will detect when these crimes are taking place with the aid of military-grade AI and alert the company and the authorities before a crime occurs.

Swissguard offers a continuous live monitoring service that can prevent crime from occurring. The company achieves this through highly trained watch officers who provide real-time surveillance, high-quality processes, and the most advanced technology in the security industry. They offer proactive surveillance at its very finest.