Swissguard: The Ultimate Security Solution

A security solution that delivers comprehensive coverage, affordability, and efficient response times is in demand. In-person guarding services are quickly decreasing in popularity due to increased crime, spiralling costs, and a diminishing workforce.

When crime was not so violent, technologically advanced, or determined, in-person security guards and other means of traditional protection could pass as viable options.

But in a post-COVID time where criminals are desperate in a downturned market, clients have more needs and fewer funds to spend on security, remote security is the answer to the massive demand for a newer, more effective solution to security.

What is Swissguard?

Swissguard is a guarding service provider, however, unique in the security world. The security company, with headquarters in Switzerland, offers a cutting-edge service in an industry stuck in the past.

As far as its service is concerned, Swissguard provides so-called off-site guarding services, which sounds unusual in the security business. It means that there are guards who are not physical on-site, however, watch the actual site or object via cameras LIVE. They continuously watch the live feeds. Off-site guarding service does not need for alarm system attached to the camera or alarm triggering since guards watch the live feeds. Guards watch max. 32 feeds and they are in a 45 min. rotation to keep sharp.

This is a different type of guarding and far more than traditional CCTV alarm monitoring, there is no need for an alarm system or alarm function attached to the cameras. Those are the eyes of our guards, and the eyes are always open.

They are not on-site physically, but their eyes are the cameras which are constantly on. These guards are hunting to detect suspicious events or activities. In case they see something suspicious or crime-related they raise alarms manually and act according to the client protocol.

Swissguard’s guarding solution is the combination of the pro elements of on-site guarding and CCTV monitoring.


What Swissguard does: provide guarding services

How Swissguard does it: Watch the object LIVE with guards’ eyes through CCTV cameras

The off-site guarding solution is based on live remote monitoring where security services are provided from a remote location, away from the premises. Although this may sound like a disadvantage to some customers, it is actually an advantage.

Outsourcing security to a remote company that uses the internet, smart cameras, and efficient processes to deal with a crime means that properties are better protected.

Swissguard is operated by a Swiss-based international group in the security sector that knows how businesses operate and how to provide the best security solution in the industry.

Let’s take a look at the services that Swissguard offers and why they make for a comprehensive security solution to any client’s needs.


Customized services

Every premise is different, but every client needs comprehensive security coverage on their business that can meet their needs. Most customers think that in-person guarding is a tailored solution.

But in the face of a real emergency, this is not the case. There are countless ways that in-person security proves ineffective, which is why every business needs a tailored solution that will bring maximum security coverage to their property.

Swissguard provides off-site guarding (live monitoring) to premises worldwide, including high-end real estate, storage facilities, commercial real estate, warehouses and logistics, parking facilities, houses of worship, and so many more.

Live monitoring security solutions can deliver comprehensive coverage to businesses all around the world.

Advanced technology

Swissguard uses military-grade artificial intelligence, and smart cameras to support the guards’ work and internet to deliver Swiss quality service and comprehensive coverage to any property.

The AI helps the watch officers detect suspicious activity on the property when remotely surveying properties at all hours of the day when the visibility is poor or other external factors disturb the visibility. The guards can then determine whether the detected activity is abnormal and follow the processes towards getting the situation resolved efficiently.


Secure Monitoring Centre

Swissguard’s Remote Watch Center is a state-of-the-art command centre located in Hungary. Clients’ information and operations are protected from cyberattacks and will remain private and confidential.

24/7 Real-time monitoring

Offsite guards, called watch officers, monitor the live feeds from the premises in real-time. They are aided by an AI program to provide the most comprehensive coverage to the premises, but there is never a moment where someone is not watching the feeds.

Onsite security guards are often distracted on the job. They could monitor the premises from CCTV camera footage, but there is the possibility that they miss an incident during a shift change, when they go to the restroom, or begin chatting with a colleague.

In-person security guards are also required to patrol the premises periodically, which means that there is always at least one area of the property that is not monitored.

This is not comprehensive coverage as the guard could miss something at any time. Remote services do not have the same issue.


Experienced Supervisors

Supervisors and managing staff at Swissguard have extensive experience and careers in security, public safety, law enforcement, and military businesses.

These diverse backgrounds help design the minute details of Swissguard’s processes and strategies in protecting any premise’s vulnerabilities.

It also means that there is a reliable and efficient response to any security alerts that occur on the premises.

Remote Guardians

The remote guardians employed by Swissguard are background checked and highly trained. They are on 45-minute shifts where managers constantly supervise them to ensure that there is no time where the properties are not monitored.

The watch officers are constantly trained and are a real game-changer to security needs.

A Trusted partnership with Law Enforcement

Swissguard has a trusted partnership with law enforcement. This is a major element of ensuring that law enforcement can efficiently and quickly respond to any issues on the property.

The communication from Swissguard before law enforcement arrives on the scene is invaluable to ensuring an effective response when they arrive on the scene.

Security costs

Live monitoring services from Swissguard are incredibly comprehensive and deliver one of the best solutions in the security industry. But one of the most attractive features is the affordability of the comprehensive security services. This affordability is for several reasons.

1. Swissguard’s watch office command centre is based in Hungary. Swissguard employs experts in the security industry, but they are also businessmen. This means the company can leverage the most cost-effective solutions for the best security coverage. Hungary has a significantly lower cost of living than other countries in the world. This means that watch officers can be highly paid in their country and be motivated to provide a great service in their job. But they can also provide a significantly more affordable service than in-person guarding in other countries like the UK and US. Some clients experience a 40% to 60% budget cut on security services when they use Swissguard.

2. Swissguard cuts back on company liabilities, which means lower insurance payouts, fewer damages to the premises, and a better sense of safety on the property.

3. HR costs of clients are significantly reduced because the security staff management is offsite and outsourced. There is no need to have personnel who manage the security staff and security issues when a company of trained individuals can provide a better and more comprehensive service.

There are many benefits to using a remote live monitoring company. They offer a service that can cover every part of the property and limit the possibility of an incident arising without knowledge from unaware security staff.

Integrating local law enforcement and proactive response from the effective service means that their companies have the best coverage for their premises.

Swissguard can offer a security solution that competes with traditional onsite offerings and proves to be the solution that delivers the best coverage.