Proactive Video Surveillance is the Future of Security

Proactive Video Surveillance is the future of security. Traditional security measures are proving to be unreliable and overly expensive for businesses to use.

There are so many incredible technological advances that are allowing security features and measures to become more reliable, efficient, and inexpensive. There is little reason to use outdated forms of security, like onsite guards and CCTV cameras, when new smart security solutions are readily available today. And they are much more effective.

What are proactive video surveillance systems?

Until fairly recently, artificial intelligence was not advanced enough to allow security systems to use it as a form of crime deterrence. AI-enabled software is a large part of proactive video surveillance. It is often installed with cameras and is an integral feature of remote monitoring centres to efficiently and effectively detect crime before it happens.

While the state-of-the-art cameras may have sent off false alarms just a few short years ago, this is a different reality today. This software can detect movement and identify the movements to a large extent. Motion is a trigger for these cameras to initiate a response on the property.

Artificial intelligence can deploy several deterring factors when it detects movement on the property.

1. Light – the system can turn on bright spotlights that effectively illuminate the area and expose the criminals in the act. The criminal can no longer remain anonymous in their crime, which can deter them from committing further acts of theft or vandalism.

2. Sound the Alarm – many AI software systems have an alarm response that will either send a siren sound into the air or initiate a booming voice to announce that the criminals have been spotted on the property. The thieves will know that local authorities are on their way.

3. Audio interaction – an off-camera person can interact verbally with the criminals in real time to attempt to ward them off.

4. Detect suspicious activity – AI software can detect suspicious activity before an incident happens. The software can track the movement on the perimeter of the fence and send an alert if the activity continues to be suspicious.

Remote monitoring agents and proactive systems

Although the AI software is very effective in proactively deterring criminals, another key feature of these systems is that they can connect to the internet. Guards do not need to remain onsite because the feeds can be monitored remotely.

Swissguard is able to provide a comprehensive security service through the use of these internet-enabled cameras and monitor the property with trained professionals.

Swissguard’s remote monitoring agents are trained to work with these AI-enabled systems to provide a full and comprehensive security service.

There are several benefits of integrating remote monitoring agents with smart security systems.

1. Mitigate liability – onsite security guards pose a major liability risk for businesses. This is because any guard that is injured onsite can hold the business liable for their damage. Similarly, if a security guard inflicts harm on a criminal, the company is also held liable and will have to settle a payout. Offsite guards who monitor the systems around the clock do not pose a risk to the business as they are offsite.

2. Lower Insurance – without a guard onsite, insurance premiums decrease. The possibility of making an insurance payout is also limited.

3. Comprehensive Coverage – an in-person security guard may be beneficial because they are present on the property, but they cannot monitor the entire property at a single time. An offsite monitoring agent works on shorter shifts and can keep an eagle eye on every aspect of the property at a single time. They can monitor every aspect of the property and lower the chance of crime slipping by the security guard’s notice.

4. Limit False Alarms – false alarms are a problem with smart technology in security. But the live monitoring agent can assess the validity of the issues on site and alert the relevant authorities only when needed. This means that law enforcement remains enthusiastic and cooperative with proactive monitoring systems.

5. Preventing crime – crime can be prevented with smart surveillance systems as live monitoring agents can use them to help the local authorities catch criminals in real time. There is a higher probability of catching criminals when a human presence is behind the camera.

6. Cost-Effective – onsite security guards are incredibly expensive. The alternative to an onsite security guard is a proactive security system that is much more reasonable to maintain. This can save businesses millions of dollars that can instead be reinvested in the business.

7. Peace of Mind – customers and staff who feel protected and safe on the business premises can give the business peace of mind. A proactive system significantly decreases HR issues when dealing with in-person security guards.

What are the costs of Proactive Video Surveillance?

Swissguard’s security solutions can decrease security costs for some businesses by up to 60%. A proactive security system offers more effective and comprehensive security solutions to business owners that are much more cost-effective. Instances of crime decrease throughout the premises and can remain at a lower rate than before.

For example, customers that own an entertainment business switched to Swissguard because they were paying millions in security costs. When they switched to a combined service of remote monitoring agents and onsite guards, their security costs dropped drastically, and so did their insurance costs. They are paying a significantly lower price, but they also feel that they now offer a higher security standard to their customers.

Traditional systems use outdated technology, they are not cost-effective, and they can only record a crime as it happens.

In comparison, proactive video surveillance can offer a more comprehensive service at a better price, with 24/7 security, top-notch security equipment, and highly trained security guards.

Businesses are leaving traditional security measures behind because smart technology is proving to be much more effective in warding off crime.

Swissguard offers real-time surveillance with remote guardians to provide comprehensive and expert coverage of properties. Crime can be prevented before it even happens with the trained guardians and security expertise of Swissguard.