Premium Security Services

Swissguard clients rave about the premium security services on offer. Meanwhile, the market is dipping, and inflation is on the rise, making premium security is more important than ever.

The economy and crime are closely linked. Crime increases when there are rough patches in the market and decreases in better times. Thanks to COVID and the global economy, there will be a greater need for premium security services with the rise of inflation.

“After a long hesitation, we changed our security guard to Swissguard’s services. We don’t have any more disputes with our security company about the guardian’s look and behavior. The guardians became invisible, not disturbing our clients.”

Jacob Hunt, Property Manager, High-End Residential Buildings

The Rise of Inflation and Crime

There is a rising concern with the economic climate at present. In general, crime has increased every time there has been a recession. The only recession that has not followed this trend was the December 2007.

Times of high inflation always indicate increased crime, especially for commercial properties. These properties have the most valuable assets stored on them, making them attractive targets for crime.

Living in a time of high inflation, goods from gas to grocery costs are kyrocketing. Business budgets are stretched thin, and there are no funds to restock inventory if there is theft or vandalism in a time of high inflation. Additionally, there are supply chain issues that are still being felt across the market as a result of the pandemic.

Although the reasoning behind inflation is a complex issue, the outcome remains the same: increased crime. Essentially the inflated price of legitimate goods makes the price and number of stolen goods higher.

For example, COVID-19 halted the production of building supplies, and they became very lucrative commodities. Construction site theft skyrocketed during the pandemic, with supplies like copper being stripped from the sites and resold for profit by thieves.

Another example is the price of lumber, which nearly tripled during the pandemic. In the past, lumber was too bulky and unattractive to steal. Inflation changed that too.

If there is a larger market for stolen goods, there is likely to be more theft. Everything from steel and tools, to precious metals and catalytic converters are all attractive targets for criminals. Additionally, it’s never been easier to sell stolen goods than now with the help of Facebook Marketplace,, and Craigslist.

Why Make The Move To Premium Security Services

Every company that stocks commercial products becomes a target, especially during high inflation. Swissguard offers a premium security service that takes the target off businesses’ backs. With the implementation of these security services, businesses can protect their assets and run their business optimally.

Swissguard offers premium security services with remote guarding solutions. These are particularly useful for commercial businesses, as they can provide the best coverage in preventing crime.

Let’s take a closer look at the details of why remote services are the best options when it comes to preventing crime from taking place.

Remote officers can preempt crime through the use of security cameras, military-grade artificial intelligence, and real-time monitoring. This offers a more comprehensive solution to security risks when crime is on the rise. Everything from Swissguard offers the famous Swiss quality, punctuality, and efficiency customers expect from a Swiss-powered brand.

Clients seeking premium security services to protect their commercial properties will find a comprehensive service in Swissguard’s security offering.

Advanced International Defense technology

In order to provide the best security coverage for any business, Swissguard blends manpower with technology. Unlike at other companies, the watch officers survey the camera feeds 24/7, not just when an alarm is raised. Advanced military-grade artificial intelligence is implemented to detect wanted criminals and weapons on the digital property line of the premises. This enables watch officers to provide the best coverage to properties.

Highly Trained Team

The watch officers working from a remote location can watch the client’s premises in real-time. This means that there are constantly eyes on the property, proactively preventing crime.

There are few traditional security options, like onsite guards and CCTV cameras, that can provide constant surveillance at all hours of the day. Supervisors of the team have more than five years of experience in the security segment or law enforcement.

Proactive Technology

A remote solution to security services comes with state-of-the-art technology. There are military-grade AI programs in use as well as highly advanced smart cameras.

These cameras have voice activation where a warning can be projected from the loudspeaker to criminals nearing the fence perimeter. This proactive system is a major deterrent to criminals, preventing them from acting on a crime.

Replacing stolen inventory can be a major expense, and taking a proactive security approach mitigates the costs of theft that a business could spend.

Local Response Team

One of the key aspects of Swissguard’s premium security services is its partnership with local law enforcement. This means that there is active help from law enforcement and it ensures that emergencies are managed efficiently and professionally.

If there are any incidents on site, they are dealt with most effectively by highly trained professionals.

Liability Insurance

Part of providing premium security services is taking proactive security measures to reduce the liabilities clients experience while running their companies.

Removing onsite security guards from the premises significantly reduces liability insurance for the premises, lowering the exorbitant prices of security.

Information Protection

Swissguard ensures that their client’s information is highly encrypted and protected on their servers. There are no security liabilities from the remote guarding service that could potentially damage a company’s operations or leak private information.

Premium Prices

Despite Swissguard offering a premium security service, the prices are significantly lower than other traditional security offerings like onsite guards.

Depending on the property and needs of each client, pricing can be significantly lower. This can be incredibly important in an economy experiencing a market dip when businesses need to save costs where they can.

Swissguard offers premium security services in the remote monitoring security sector. Top-of-the-line security options in a dipping market offer businesses and premises an invaluable tool in keeping premises secure and in crime deterrence.