Everything You Need to Know About Remote Security

Remote monitoring is an increasingly popular option for businesses and organizations to prevent crime. Incorporating the human element in security with remote security solutions takes crime prevention to the next level. Here is everything you need to know about why remote guarding services are the best security solution.

What is Remote Monitoring?

Remote monitoring incorporates the power of online surveillance systems with a live monitoring agent who can be the eyes and ears on your property, all from a remote location.

The security staff who man the monitors are highly trained and skilled individuals who can take quick action and prevent crime before it happens. This highly trained personnel work from a remote location, protecting premises through cameras to be the eyes and ears on the property 24/7.

The remote guards use a bank of monitors to keep track of a particular area in short rotating shifts, allowing them to remain fresh and vigilant.

CCTV surveillance has been able to advance security drastically. But it’s not enough when criminals are constantly learning and adapting to overcome technological solutions. Virtual guards can respond immediately to any problems and incidents, preventing crime from happening through remote security solutions.

Remote security is all about upping the ante on crime prevention, using all the abilities of human intervention without spending exorbitant prices on security solutions.


How Does Remote Monitoring Prevent Crime?

Static systems like CCTV surveillance are excellent for recording crime when it happens. Video surveillance is perfect for watching premises when you’re not there. But that doesn’t prevent crime from happening.

Remote monitoring incorporates the benefits of video surveillance with the power of real-time action from trained security staff. Trained professionals take video surveillance to the next level by monitoring all the corners of the premises live.

There is an increased decision-making capability from highly-trained security personnel, intervening between criminals and acting on crimes immediately.

Video surveillance has advanced capabilities that leave behind the old analogue security cameras we see in the movies. Modern video surveillance has several features that make remote surveillance possible and a favourable option for many people.

A remote guard can manipulate smart cameras from their monitoring centre to pan out or zoom in, carefully monitoring and recording the actions of a trespasser.

Audio and visual deterrents are regularly integrated into these smart surveillance devices, allowing the monitoring agent to question the trespasser. Alternatively, a booming voice recording can be deployed to intimidate a trespasser by informing them that there is a police dispatch on the way.

Bright flashing lights can be used to scare off intruders when the remote agent sees that there is an intruder on the premises. A traditional CCTV system cannot achieve these crime interventions like a remote agent can provide.

Where can this be used? Everywhere. But to provide an example, lumber thefts are a leading reason why lumber prices are so high, and there is a massive demand for plumbing supplies, leading to high prices on copper, steel pips, and other essential metals. This created an entirely new market for theft, where it is simple for thieves to steal increasingly lucrative supplies.

Remote security in these industries and the premises where they are kept can revolutionize these industries. Alarms could intervene and distract criminals while off-site guards call authorities to the site.

Remote Monitoring vs. Onsite Security

Although there are some benefits to having a live security guard on the premises, offsite security has more benefits. Security guards cannot be on every part of the premises at a single time, and there is also little supervision for night security guards, who can fall asleep while sitting in front of surveillance monitors. Additionally, if something happens to a guard while on a company’s premises, that company can be held liable for any injuries the guard may have suffered.

Alternatively, remote security addresses all of these problems. Security is operated from a remote watch centre. Multiple staff members are assembled in a single area, with a supervisor to oversee frequent shift changes.

A security guard cannot monitor every aspect of a property. Even if there are surveillance cameras, there will always be nooks and crannies that a security guard cannot watch while on duty. With remote security staff, there is surveillance on every aspect of the property around the clock, ensuring the surveillance and protection of the entire property.

Criminals are desperate individuals with increasingly violent tendencies. If security encounters a criminal, there will likely be harm done to the security guard. With a virtual security system, there is an increased chance of crime prevention and security guard protection.

There is a large chance of potential liability for a security guard. But when that is compared to the technology available today, it makes initiating virtual security an easy security solution. Adding to this the real-time surveillance, it is easy to see why top companies are moving towards remote monitoring security solutions.

The Price of Remote Monitoring Compared to Live Security Guards

Live security guards are considered a high-end commodity in most industries. And this is simply because of the cost. Security guards are paid well because they are highly trained, hand-picked individuals who work extensive hours. The price includes an hourly rate, insurance, and licensing fees. Location, time of day, and experience only add to this very high cost.

Depending on the service provider, remote monitoring is significantly cheaper. Often as close as 50% less expensive than a live guard. There is less risk and more benefit when using remote security services. There is a reason why so many companies and individuals are going this route and why Swissguard is an internationally recognized company for our remote monitoring services.

Swissguard is leading the way with our security solutions that are based on remote monitoring systems. Our virtual security affords our customers peace of mind with a comprehensive security solution that incorporates highly trained security staffers, and real-time response to crime with the integration of security features.

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