Escalating Security Concerns that are Affecting Security Options

Security concerns are the leading reasons people decide to invest in private security. Everyone needs to know that their property, staff, and person are not under threat while going about their day-to-day activities.

But with the escalating prevalence of violence and crime, several factors are forcing the need for effective security solutions.

Remote security services are proving to be the most comprehensive answer to these security concerns, no matter the business, industry, country, or area.

Several factors are increasing the number of security issues around the world. The economy is taking a nose dive, inflation is rising, and market prices are deteriorating. There are several reasons for this, including COVID, supply chain shortages, and more. Let’s take a closer look at these factors and what affects the security coverage clients have available to them.

Deteriorating economic situations

Many industries will be hit by the effects of a dipping market and will need to begin re-assessing the funds that they can put towards security.

The effects of a downturned market are also hitting the security industry. The services that haven’t reinforced their operations for a tough market with new innovations are beginning to feel the effects of clients who can no longer pay their prices.

Due to COVID and Brexit, there is a labour shortage in the security industry. Companies offering in-person services have to hire from other companies, causing a cost spiral.

The prices of security services are increasing as a result, creating a neverending cycle. The problem comes in with clients who cannot or do not want to pay these inflated costs, despite desperately needing security services. As clients cannot pay or pay late, security companies receive more receivables and are put into precarious financial situations.

There are going to be fewer and fewer viable in-person security options for customers to choose from. These options will not provide the comprehensive security they will need, especially in the face of escalating security issues due to a market dip.

Let’s take a closer look at the security concerns clients need in the face of a fluctuating economy.

Increase in Poverty

Poverty is one of the biggest contributors to crime. Most criminals are born out of desperation. Countries with some of the highest crime rates in the world have these rates because of ongoing poverty and a lack of available jobs.

The market dip has already seen companies lay off large numbers of employees to trim down costs and provide a financial path forward. When people cannot provide for themselves and their families and live a productive lifestyle in the face of economic instability, they begin turning to crime.

Instances of crime will begin to escalate, and clients will need comprehensive security coverage in the face of these security issues. But affordable solutions are unlikely to be available.

Immigration increases the number of people seeking work and lowers the country’s average wage costs. This means that more people need jobs, and individuals will begin settling for lower-paid wages.

This causes instability in a country’s economy and increases the need for more comprehensive security features.

During COVID, when supply chain problems were the most prevalent, instances of crime escalated. Criminals were able to identify that goods which were previously easy to attain were more valuable.

Building sites, warehouses, and industrial sites, which were relatively unaffected by crime before, suddenly experienced a massive uptick in crime.

Onsite guards typically proved ineffective in protecting these premises and showed the need for an innovative security solution.


Terrorism is a major concern for any person who leaves their home. The latest mass shootings in schools in America are just one of the many security concerns people have.

Schools are not the only premises that are susceptible to terrorism. Healthcare institutions, corporate premises, houses of worship, and other vulnerable premises like these are especially susceptible to crime.

Active shooters, trespassers, and theft are just a few concerns that these institutions face regularly. Security guards are not the best security solution to deal with a terrorist attack.

Rather, a security solution that can immediately identify a problem with advanced AI programs, protocols developed by security professionals, and security solutions that immediately contact law enforcement professionals are the best solutions to terrorist attacks.

Remote security services can be relied on to accurately identify active situations on-premises and efficiently preempt a situation from ever happening in the first place.

Remote security solutions use military-grade artificial intelligence that can identify suspicious activity on or outside of a client’s premises and alert the watch officer. The watch officer then determines the most comprehensive solution to the issue at hand.

The remote security solution can offer real-time and accurate information as it happens to law enforcement. This saves lives in the event of an attack.

Cyber Security

Offline and online media is a growing security concern. Criminals can master and use technology and information to breach companies’ security.

Private information is often not protected as people believe, and that information can be used to degrade a company’s security. There are several ways why this can affect the security of premises and make them more vulnerable to a breach.

Remote security offers a full-coverage security solution to protect clients’ premises from a breach. High-level cyber security means that remote security services can offer a security solution to clients that can protect vulnerable information.


Remote Security the Answer to Security Concerns

Swissguard offers a comprehensive security solution to premises that are looking for more security at an affordable cost. No other security solution offers affordability in conjunction with a service that can preempt attacks.

Security concerns will continue to escalate around the world. With a remote security service, companies will no longer have to be concerned about the cost of their security services or the coverage of their security options.