Corporate Security

Corporate security is important to any business’s operation and must be a top priority for companies. There are several factors to consider for the safety of premises when it comes to onsite security. These include the property and assets, the safety of staff, and keeping vandals away. There are more risks than a single security guard, CCTV camera, or alarm system can handle.

Corporate properties need something more reliable, proactive, and comprehensive, and that is where Swissguard’s remote security solutions become an outstanding solution. Commercial security is an important investment for any company, and security clients need a few things to create a solid security system for corporations.

There is not a one size fits all solution for every corporate business, but there are some very important details that can make the best security solution. Let’s take a closer look.

Security Cameras and Alarm Systems

Video surveillance and alarm system technologies have come a long way in the last few years and can be integrated with the internet, smart devices, and remote security. There are several lines of defense regarding corporate security, and great security cameras and alarm systems are the first steps in securing a property.

Security cameras and alarm systems are a very important first line of defense. This is because the presence of security cameras deters many thieves. The majority of thieves are focused on keeping anonymous and hitting an easy target. Knowing that there is a high possibility of getting caught is enough to deter a lot of criminals. Additionally, most criminals don’t have enough knowledge to completely disable a high-quality security system.

Smart criminals will run at the sound of a loud and impressive alarm system once it’s been triggered. If these cameras and an alarm system are paired with a remote video monitoring company, an officer will contact the authorities at the first sign of disturbance on the property. A partnership with a remote guarding service is an added benefit since the police will be called only if a criminal act is attempted and not every time someone triggers the alarm.

Security Badge System

There are never enough security measures that a company can take for its corporate security. A badge system prevents unauthorized individuals from entering the building and looking around during operational hours.

Criminals are prone to being savvy with technology when they’ve made a career of crime. Some will know to do their homework ahead of time by visiting the property during operational hours to easily inspect the company’s assets and take a good look at the premise’s security system.

A badge system prevents unauthorized individuals from scoping out the property for an after-hours robbery. A badge system offers an extra layer of security for corporations and helps make sure the premises are safe and secure for visitors and assets.

Cyber Security

Cyber security should be a major concern for any corporation. Data is very valuable and can be used by cyber-criminals. The first step that every company should take is to secure their email and website.

The next step is to educate their employees on how to use their email accounts wisely and not to open suspicious emails or attachments.

Cyber security can interfere with the other lines of defense in a security system, degrading the effectiveness and security of the premises.

Background Checks

Employees are some of the biggest risks to incidences of theft in corporations. Statistics show that almost 75% of theft in corporate companies comes from employees.

The odds are not in favor of the employer. Providing a safe environment needs to also include background checks of the people that regularly populate the workplace environment.

Doing a background check as due diligence before employing new hires is important. This allows business owners to assess the risks before hiring someone who could be a liability to the company’s safety.


Remote Security Guards

Onsite security guards are an expensive security option. The security industry is experiencing a crisis with a labor shortage and a struggling financial climate. Remote security is offering a new and innovative security element for corporate security solutions.

The corporation can have an in-person security guard walk the premises. They can keep an eye on the valuable assets on the property, and they can offer a deterrence to trespassers with their physical presence while patrolling the grounds.

However, onsite guards on their own are not effective. With the addition of virtual security guards, corporations can complete their existing security solutions to be comprehensive. Hiring remote virtual guards who are not physically onsite can offer real-time property monitoring from all angles.

In many cases, virtual guards are more effective because they can monitor the entire property from a remote location where they can survey the entire property.

The remote guards are supervised around the clock, ensuring that clients have peace of mind knowing that their property is watched around the clock.

Corporate Security from Swissguard

Swissguard offers a remote security solution to corporate companies looking for a state-of-the-art security installation. Their highly trained remote watch officers are stationed in Hungary, where a team of experienced supervisors ensures 24/7 surveillance on the properties.

This real-time remote monitoring of the property can offer a unique stance for clients looking for comprehensive services for their security needs.

Using a remote service significantly reduces insurance costs for any corporation, and there are fewer liabilities associated with onsite security. Corporate clients can enjoy the flexibility of technology and location, all the while ensuring that there is a reliable and constant security service available.

Thanks to the reduction in liability and insurance costs, as well as the ability to significantly reduce the cost of the services, remote services are a much cheaper option than onsite guards.

Finding the right security solution for corporate properties needs to encompass several key factors. There are solutions ready for corporate security solutions to be created with remote security in tandem with flexible security solutions.