Constant Security Services

Virtual security has many benefits, and one of the more prominent benefits is that it is a constant security service. Remote security services use highly trained security officers who can surveil properties from a remote location.

These highly trained individuals partner with the support of military-grade artificial intelligence to keep a constant eye on the property. Round-the-clock security services offer plenty of benefits that make businesses safer and more secure.

Real-time remote security services can be catered to by Swissguard security services for the most comprehensive and cost-effective security solution. Let’s take a closer look at what constant security services look like from Swissguard.

Real-Time Security Solution

Every property, or business owner, has to worry about how secure their property is. Having peace of mind about the safety and security of staff, visitors, assets, and property is an expense many clients are willing to invest their funds into. After all, there is no viable business or property without a safe and secure security solution.

Theft commonly occurs during nighttime, but theft and vandalism can also occur in broad daylight. Criminals are adept at blending into crowds and can take advantage of the activity on the property to carry off some valuable goods.

Additionally, the property can still be accessed during the day, and criminals can scan the premises during daylight hours to gain knowledge of the property’s layout. Criminals can return later in the day to put their newfound knowledge to use.

Thanks to highly trained remote guards, constant security offers an around-the-clock solution to monitoring a property. Having an individual whose sole duty is to survey the property for suspicious activity is an effective and innovative part of a security system.

Attentive Security Guards

A key component to constant security services is the trained individuals watching the client’s properties. Hiring security guards can be a struggle for anyone looking for an around-the-clock security service.

Security guards require specific skills and experience to be successful hires for around-the-clock security.

However, the hiring of onsite security can leave many gaps in security. There is too much room for human error when it comes to property surveillance with an in-person security guard. An onsite guard will patrol the property regularly but could likely miss any action happening on the other side of the premises.

Alternatively, a guard watching the monitors on the property could head to the restroom or be distracted by something as trivial as an enquiring patron.

Watch officers offer something different that yields better results for their investments in security.

The security staff is highly trained to survey and respond to issues that may arise onsite. These staff members are monitored by supervisors with extensive experience in the security industry. Thanks to the supervision of these experts, it is ensured that clients receive constant security services on their premises.

Top-of-the-line technology

Security staff can provide excellent service in partnership with advanced military-grade artificial intelligence. The program can identify potential threats within a digital perimeter around the property.

Watch officers can distinguish between normal and suspicious activity on the property. If there is an instance where there is a problem, the watch officer alerts their supervisor, who then further investigates whether the situation requires action or not.

Technological advancements allow for a number of proactive security measures with voice-down technology to complement constant security services. The security solution monitors and tracks the perpetrator in real-time.

The smart cameras have live audio communications, which allow the local alarm monitoring partners to warn suspects on the periphery of the property that they are under surveillance and should leave immediately.

Amongst others this system becomes useful in active shooter situations. Local alarm monitoring partners can use them to communicate with the people in the building and send them to safe locations while monitoring the suspect’s whereabouts. In addition to that live monitoring agents can help to the authorities providing information about the actual crime situation.

Relationship with the Authorities

Constant security services are successful when relationships with the local authorities are fostered. The trusted partnership with law enforcement ensures that the real-time security feed guarantees a reliable and efficient response from the authorities.

There are fewer false alarms, so trust is built between law enforcement and remote security services. Great communication and trust that is built up before any incident arises means that the local authorities can strategize and work efficiently.

Reduced Costs and Liabilities

Constant security services from a remote guarding company deliver several benefits for clients. Around-the-clock services from a remote site remove the liability of onsite security guards.

Security guards can be a physical deterrence to criminals, but the employer is held liable if they injure someone onsite. If the security guard injures the perpetrator, the criminal can also press charges for damages.

The liabilities associated with onsite security guards increase the price of insurance for properties. Without these onsite security guards, insurance costs are drastically reduced. The lower costs associated with remote security services are an added benefit to finding a solution that offers an around-the-clock security service.

The costs of remote security are significantly reduced thanks to the offsite location of the remote location of the watch center. Additionally, the watch center is ultra-secure and sports some of the best security measures in the world to protect clients’ private information and interests.

Constant security services are a cost-effective, innovative, and secure solution to protecting property. Swissguard offers a state-of-the-art remote security guard solution thanks to the power of the internet, smart security cameras, and highly trained remote security staff. Real-time and consistent security offers the best solution for clients to secure their premises to the best of their ability.