Multi-family residences

Multi-family residences security pain points

Forced entry • Family safety • Drug-involved crimes

Swissguard is protecting families and creating safe neighbourhoods!

Guards on-site? ​

The cost is enormous and the guard is very often not at his workstation

No guards on-site? ​

There are essentially no security solutions in place

Patrol Services? ​

The patrol is effective only during the 3 minutes when it is nearby. This service is easily predictable for criminals. 

Cameras in place? ​

If the cameras are not monitored constantly, the crime cannot be prevented. Recorded footage can only be used as a forensic tool. 

Swissguard will solve all of these problems!

We provide affordable protection around the clock every single day. Crimes are not only detected in real time; they can be stopped before they would occur. Our guards are never off, and our 24/7 is real, without any interruption. 

   Swissguard’s strengths:

  • Never on break, unlike classic guards

  • Alerts on suspicious activity

  • No alarm system needed

  • Affordable

  • Real-time protection

  • No subscription needed

  • No investment needed

Is your safety worth £395 per month?

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