Event-based Monitoring with Artificial Intelligence

Event-based monitoring services are often used together with Continuous Monitoring services as a perfect supplement if the monitored area is not exposed to continuous traffic and motion. 

Swissguard’s Event-based monitoring services provide residential as well as commercial properties with an excellent and affordable security solution.
If you feel that Continuous monitoring is not for you, or you are satisfied with traditional Event-based CCTV monitoring, we can supply the solution to you.

If your CCTV system is not monitored – especially out of hours – that means that you, your valuables, or your business are highly exposed to crime. Using Event-based monitoring service will assure you that – when the CCTV camera is activated – it will be acted upon.

Your CCTV system can be monitored when built-in AI is switched on. The motion-triggered system sends signals and we respond to activation from your site through the use of sophisticated CCTV monitoring software.

The preconditions of Event-based CCTV monitoring are:

  • Built-in motion detection
  • Activated motion detection
  • Proper placement of the camera
  • Motion detection must be triggered

Upon alarm activation from any camera, live images are transmitted to the remote CCTV monitoring station via a secure internet connection, where one of the monitoring agents will instantly start to monitor the situation. The operative will review the incident and confirm the cause of the alarm at your premises and act accordingly, escalating the event where necessary. We are capable of broadcasting audio announcements to deter potential threats before the crime is committed. However, if this fails to deter the intruder, the Police will be notified immediately followed by the nominated key holder.

Event-based CCTV monitoring is a service designed to closely monitor properties and take action in any arising emergency where necessary. It offers event based protection during your out-of-hours operations.

How does Event-based CCTV monitoring work:

  • Your internet connection will route the images from your CCTV cameras on your site, over to the screens of those based in an external remote monitoring station.
  • You can choose whether you would like your cameras to be monitored live at all times, or alternatively, you can switch monitoring on at the end of the working day.
  • The software that is used with the cameras will monitor activity on your site. As soon as an alarm is activated on your site, the incident is routed to the screen of a security professional.
  • Operators will then monitor all activity manually. These operators can move and zoom in with the cameras, switch to different cameras for a better view, and rerun recent footage.

Many companies use CCTV to act as a stern deterrent to would-be intruders and to record incidents when they happen. Whilst this is an effective tool for many organisations, the use of remote monitoring service alongside CCTV can quickly become a powerful and preventative addition to your security.

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