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Who we are

Swissguard was founded in 2016 with the promising goal of revolutionising the classic alarm monitoring and on-site manned guarding protection models.  

We at Swissguard aim to take a leading role in combining human and artificial intelligence in our service offerings and in providing the best security solutions to our clients and partners. We are not only providing security services to our private as well as commercial customers but taking care of their lives, health and valuables.

Swissguard’s core values have not changed since its establishment:

  • Commitment
  • Loyalty
  • Swiss quality
  • Industry excellence

Although our group is headquartered in Switzerland, since its establishment Swissguard has had its international operation grow exponentially into numerous subsidiaries and distributors throughout Europe, the USA, and the UK. While the establishment has only been on the market for six years, Swissguard has managed to achieve quick and stable success and aims to become the leader of manned guarding combined 24/7 live remote security solutions. Thanks to loyal clientele who entrust their properties to the Swissguard firm, it has seen continued growth that is snowballing exponentially.

What we do

Our live camera monitoring security solution concept is built on the lessons that we had learnt in the property development and property management business where we could experience the limits of traditional security services. 

Swissguard’s live remote monitoring security solution combines the benefits of the device and event-based CCTV alarm monitoring and the on-site guarding services. This combination means: security guards are employed but instead of being physically on-site, they use CCTV cameras as their eyes on the property. We at Swissguard call this off-site guarding services, which simply means watching cameras live.

Our watch officers watch the live feeds of CCTV cameras 24/7 for clients. The cameras are connected via IP addresses to our monitoring software. It is very important to underline that the camera feeds are watched in real-time and live, and they are always on. In case an officer sees something suspicious on a feed, a manual alarm is raised and forwarded to the supervisor whose task is to assess the alarm and either verify or decline. In case the alarm is verified, it is forwarded to our local Alarm Receiving Center partners who act in accordance with the particular client protocol.
There are 3 layers of this alarm path: event detection, verification, and action, ensuring the highest level of security efficiency and the lowest level of false alarms.

Swissguard’s continuous and live monitoring service ensures that security guards are watching the actual site or object live via cameras, leaving no blind spots or unattended areas. They continuously watch the live feeds. Our off-site guards monitor up to 32 live feeds for 45 mins each and then rotate as per their rota. This means another guard takes over before the previous guard leaves their position. This way, every guard gets to recover and rest their eyes well enough before resuming their shifts. No spot is left unattended even if only for the shortest amount of time.

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